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In-Office EEG: Brain wave test for seizures/other conditions

Our Pediatric EEG service is available to the community, as well as to current patients.

Advantages to our office-based Pediatric EEG:
* Warm, child-friendly environment
* Lower cost to families
* Availability with shorter wait times
* State-of-the-Art digital equipment
* Dedicated and experienced certified Pediatric EEG tech

* Immediate copy of EEG report to referring physician

The relaxed environment and experienced staff allow for successful completion of the study with no sedation.

This is a painless, no-needles procedure. EEG electrodes monitor the brain's electrical activity (similar to an EKG of the heart).

Common conditions for which an EEG (electroencephalogram) is considered include: seizures, predisposition to seizures, abnormal movements, and other waking or sleep-related spells.